Compare Top 3 Cloud Storage Platforms for End Users

As we move towards a more collaborative work and personal environment, cloud storage becomes essential to be able to not only share files with others but also work on the same document with others in real time. Many cloud storage options offer free services to collaborate on a single document at the same time. If you are looking for the proper cloud storage option for your needs? The following table will offer you descriptions of the top three cloud storage options regarding storage limits, features, and premium pricing.


Cloud Storage

Google Drive



Free Storage 15 GB (unlimited for docs, sheets, and slides) 2 GB 5 GB
Extra Storage Price 100 GB for $2 monthly

2 TB for $10 monthly

10 TB for $100 monthly

1 TB for $10 monthly

2 TB for $20 monthly

50 GB for $2 monthly

1 TB (included Office 365) for $7 monthly

Apps Included for Free Online Docs, Sheets, and Slides Dropbox Paper, Online Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Offline Support On Google Chrome Browser None None
Sharing and collaborative editing Direct email and link Direct email and link Direct email and link
Cloud Sync Apps Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS, Android, iOS Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows Phone, iOS Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, Android, iOS


  • Google Drive is one of easiest tools for collaboration because most users have a Google account, which can be used to log into Google Drive. Editing documents in real time is the fastest and easiest as other users shared on the new document will be able to view document edits in less than a second. Google Drive is integrated into Gmail where files can be either uploaded as an attachment or shared (via link or direct share) through Gmail. Google Photos is also integrated allowing photos to be directly uploaded from the server to Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


  • Dropbox also offers tools for collaboration to allow users to edit with others in real time. Many users also love its simplistic minimalistic design. Organizing files in Dropbox and navigating through your drive can be difficult because the Dropbox home page (when signed in) only display your most recent files. Clicking files opens up where all your folders and files are located. The new Dropbox Paper has several templates to allow you to start docs quickly, standardize forms, and streamline sharing processes.


  • OneDrive is built-in on PCs running Windows 8 and 10. OneDrive also works well with desktop apps Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote where you can edit documents offline on your native apps and save them on the cloud by linking your Microsoft account when connected to the Internet.

Based on your requirements, one cloud storage may be better for you than another.

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